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License and terms of use

MCP is (c) Copyright by the MCP Team

No warranties. If MCP does not work for you, or causes any damage, it's your problem. Use it at own risk.

You are allowed to

  • Use MCP to decompile the Minecraft client and server jar files.
  • Use the decompiled source code to create mods for Minecraft.
  • Recompile modified versions of Minecraft.
  • Reobfuscate the classes of your mod for Minecraft.

You are NOT allowed to

  • Use MCP to do anything that violated Mojangs terms of use for Minecraft.
  • Release Minecraft versions or modifications that allow you to play without having bought Minecraft from Mojang.
  • Release modified or unmodified versions of MCP anywhere.
  • Use any of MCPs scripts, tools or data files without explicit written permission.
  • Make money with anything based on MCP (excluding Minecraft mods created by using MCP).
  • Use MCP to create clients that are used for griefing or exploiting server bugs.
  • Release the decompiled source code of Minecraft in any way.

Updates from the team

If you want the latest new from our team members, here is a list of useful links:


MCP 8.x

IMPORTANT: the way you set up MCP has changed with version 8.x to reflect the new structure created by the new Mojang Minecraft launcher. Use the launcher to start Minecraft 1.6.2 at least once, copy the minecraft_server.1.6.2.jar file into the "jars" folder and then run the decompile script. No need to copy client files anymore, the MCP scripts should be able to find and copy them automatically.

Minecraft 1.6.2 will be released soon, but we decided to update MCP already. You can find MCP 8.03 for Minecraft 1.6.1 in the Old MCP Releases section.

You can find MCP 8.04 for Minecraft 1.6.2 and Server 1.6.2 here:
There is also a mirror, please use this only if the mediafire download is not working properly: (mirror)

Older releases can be found here: Old MCP Releases


You can find the source in our public repository. If you want to contribute just submit a pullrequest or join us in our irc-channel.

Recommended for mod developers

The MCP team recommends the Forge API (with ForgeModLoader) to make mods that are compatible with most of the most used mods that currently exist. You can find the latest releases on the Forge Download Page.

For more information and help, check the Forge wiki pages.

Notes for the releases

Release 7.0a is an awesome update for MCP 7.0 - it now contains the fernflower decompiler after we got permission to distribute it with the MCP toolkit. All future updates will use fernflower as default decompiler and the JAD based tools were removed in MCP 7.2 and later versions.

The newest feature in MCP 6.0 (and higher) is the addition of javadoc comments in the decompiled source code. You can find links to those javadocs on the main page of this wiki.

Read the README-MCP.txt file in the docs folder for more information after you unzipped the file.

You need to install Python 2.7 on OSX and Linux to use this version. On Windows installing Python 2.7 is optional. If you have python 3.x installed it will not work, this will be fixed soon.

Feedback is appreciated.

Snapshot versions

For snapshot 13w02b:
For snapshot 13w05b:
For snapshot 13w09c:

Eclipse workspace

The eclipse workspace setup is included in MCP starting from version 4.1 and you don't need to download anything else anymore to use it.

Instructions how to set it up are here

MCP Mod Framework

If you are using the MCP Mod Framework SDK to create mods, check the mod system page regularly for fixes and updates.

You can find the new MCP Mod Framework project here: MCP Mod System

It is the first mod system for minecraft that does not need any changes to the minecraft files at all.


To use MCP, you must meet these requirements:

  • You know how to install the latest JDK and add it to the PATH variable on your system
  • You know how to understand and create code in Java
  • You are able to follow instructions in a text file (README-MCP.txt in the docs folder)
  • You only use unmodified minecraft versions without mods with MCP
  • You have patience to wait for new MCP releases after Minecraft updates
  • You look for somebody to help you set up MCP in IRC channel #mcp on when everything else fails
  • You don't ask the same question over and over again if you don't get an answer quickly

We still like to hear from you about anything MCP related, but we really need to focus on _real_ problems. Just keep in mind that modding is not trivial and certainly not the best way to try to learn a language like Java. If you don't know the basics, better go learn them and come back to us later.


The package contains scripts to decompile the game and the server. You can then create mods for Minecraft and bring them back into the game. If you use Eclipse as IDE for your development, there is an easy to use workspace included in our toolkit.

Version 2.2 (and higher) contain re-obfuscation tools that make your MCP based mods compatible with original Minecraft jar files again. Detailed instruction on using this feature are provided in the readme.

In the past 22 months our team has grown from 1 person (Searge) to a core team of 6 people, about 20 close friends of MCP and thousands of people using the tools. We have approximately 1.5 million hits on our website and MCP 6.2 alone has over 160.000 downloads.

We have achieved a lot and put a lot of effort into this, so please don't skip the credits section in the readme.txt file :)

I want to thank everybody who has participated in making this release a reality and hope we can keep up the good work for the versions to come.

IRC Channel

To talk to our team, you can visit our IRC channel #mcp at, there are usually a lot of people around. You could send us feedback in the channel or as questions related to the use of MCP.

Visit IRC channel #mcp-modding at to talk to other MCP users if you have problems with your mods or the toolkit or just want to chat.

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